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The Franchise Department builds scalable franchise programs for emerging brands that help augment their growth and amplify their influence nationally while preserving their core identity. At The Franchise Dept., we are not just builders of franchises; we are catalysts for success, empowering franchisors and franchisees to reach their full potential.

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WHAT WE DO             

We help emerging brands answer the questions in franchise strategy through the "IF Then" Formula(s). We establish the IF, WHY, HOW, WHAT, WHERE, and With WHOM. Once answered, our team constructs an effective franchise program and growth model that is appropriate for the ownership team and will provide premium support to franchise partners. From franchise agreement to grand opening, we provide a service and partnership to take your company to the next level.

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We've built our process around franchise operators and owners who focus on the foundational areas of a business that promote long-term health. Our development process is tailored based on the franchise founder's and franchisee's goals and capabilities, rather than the annual quota of the sales team. We are your long-term franchise growth partner that serves a wide array of capacities and helps mitigate risks so you can scale appropriately. 

We are your Franchise Department.

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